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None of us grow up looking forward to the day that we can wear our first pair of hearing aids, but recent studies suggest that one in every eight people ages 12 and up have some form of hearing loss within the US. Hearing aids are an essential part for caring for your hearing health. But you will be happy to know that hearing aids have drastically changed in size and technology over the years. Hearing aids are more modern, higher technology options, and, in most cases, often invisible!


Many of today’s hearing aids are barely visible to those around you. Besides benefitting from clear sounds you may now hear from the device, you may hardly realize it’s there. Whether you have a small budget or a need for advanced filters, Coastal Hearing Center has hearing aid options that suit every patient.

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles from almost invisible to larger easier to handle. You may also prefer rechargeable batteries as opposed to replaceable batteries. Technology level is dependent on your needs and budget. We accept most insurances and we offer a 12 month no interest financing plan. All this will be discussed at you consultation appointment.

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Get a personal hearing assessment from a qualified audiologist. Your doctor will test your middle ear, your auditory nerves, your ability to comprehend speech, and the degree of hearing loss you experience.


Digital hearing aids allow patients with varying levels of hearing loss to get just the right amount of sound amplification. They also connect to your favorite devices including TVs, smartphones and music players.


Your audiologist will help you select the style of hearing aid that best fits your lifestyle. We also take time to ensure the device fits comfortably and undergoes the proper adjustments for sound and size.

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Your physicians, local businesses, and military/veterans services trust us, so should you! Averaging over 400 Hearing Aid sales each year for over a decade. We have two offices conveniently located in Biloxi and Gulfport.

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May 13, 2019
Coastal Hearing is the best! I’ve been dealing with Tinnitus over the past few years. It started out once in a while but had become constant. I received a referral from Keesler Air Force Base to get a hearing test and investigate the new technology for Tinnitus within hearing aids. I’m just shy of 60 and if there was something to get rid of the constant ringing I was all in, even if it meant wearing hearing aids. My first visit was a very through exam for hearing loss and then an additional portion that specifically addressed the Tinnitus. After reviewing all the options in the levels of hearing aids available I chose the ‘smart ones’ to go with my smart phone. There was no ‘upselling’ going on. We started with the basic and worked our way up. Even when getting the best Resound model available it was still thousands less than what I have heard other people state their hearing aids cost. I’ve only been wearing the hearing aids 2 weeks but my episodes of Tinnitus have dropped from being constant to 3 to 5 a day lasting about 30 minutes. There is an additional AP I could install that allows me to control when I need the Tinnitus sounds to offset an episode. There are other options available, but that is the one that works best for me. The sounds can range from white noise (my favorite) to crickets, babbling brooks, waves, etc. All that said I also hear better and haven’t used the word WHAT in 2 weeks. The staff is awesome and Dr. Karen Slater rocks!!! Eileen L.

Dr. Smith’s Office: (228)-863-6617 Biloxi: (228) 207-7102 Gulfport: (228) 863-6592

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