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  • Coastal Hearing is the best! I’ve been dealing with tinnitus over the past few years. It started out once in a while but had become constant. I received a referral from Keesler Air Force Base to get a hearing test and investigate the new technology for tinnitus within hearing aids. I’m just shy of 60 and if there was something to get rid of the constant ringing I was all in, even if it meant wearing hearing aids. My first visit was a very thorough exam for hearing loss and then an additional portion that specifically addressed the tinnitus. After reviewing all the options in the levels of hearing aids available, I chose the ‘smart ones’ to go with my smartphone. There was no ‘upselling’ going on. We started with the basic and worked our way up. Even when getting the best Resound model available, it was still thousands less than what I have heard other people state their hearing aids cost. I’ve only been wearing the hearing aids 2 weeks but my episodes of tinnitus have dropped from being constant to 3 to 5 a day lasting about 30 minutes. There is an additional AP I could install that allows me to control when I need the tinnitus sounds to offset an episode. There are other options available, but that is the one that works best for me. The sounds can range from white noise (my favorite) to crickets, babbling brooks, waves, etc. All that said, I also hear better and haven’t used the word WHAT in 2 weeks. The staff is awesome and Dr. Karen Slater rocks!!!

    Eileen Ioffredo Avatar
    Eileen Ioffredo
  • Karen was my father’s audiologist for many years. She was always patient with him and repaired his hearing aids as needed. Since he was elderly, he was not able to take care of the aids as needed. When my husband decided to purchase hearing aids, he contacted Karen and received excellent service. In November, I purchased a set of hearing aids but due to personal reasons, returned them within the trial period. I received a refund in accordance to previously discussed terms. The following February, I decided I really did need the hearing aids and contacted Karen. She ordered them and within three days, I was wearing my hearing aids with which I am well satisfied. We are both well pleased with Karen and highly recommend the audiologists at Coastal Hearing Center for hearing health services.

    MARY LEE Avatar
  • I have been wearing hearing aids for years and was in the market to upgrade an older pair. After a friend recommended Coastal Hearing Center, I did some research and learned that most businesses that sell hearing aids are not audiologists, they simply sell hearing aids. Upon going to Coastal Hearing Center for my hearing test and evaluation, I was amazed. The difference between the two hearing aid experiences was night and day, no high pressure sales tactics, no gimmicks, no used car sales people setting deadlines to buy a hearing aid. The staff was knowledgeable, professional, and were able to show me multiple brands of hearing aids to choose from, very different from the company that only sells one brand. I would definitely recommend Coastal Hearing Center for anyone in the market for a hearing aid!

    Angie Robinson Avatar
    Angie Robinson
  • Dr. Karen Slater was very professional and treated my mother with the utmost respect. She was very thorough in explaining her test results. I would recommend Dr. Slater to anyone, and will continue to use her services in the future.

    Jay Schroeder Avatar
    Jay Schroeder
  • The entire staff at Coastal Hearing Center is knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful! Charlene Taylor did my hearing exam, and Dr. Slater did the fitting and explained the iPhone app. Great people, great products!

    Meg Crosby Avatar
    Meg Crosby