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  • Fantastic experience here. Great staff and provider. The audiologist spent the time discussing the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

    Nam Nguyen Avatar
    Nam Nguyen
  • Our entire experience was amazing, and as easy as it could have been.

    We waited maybe 3 minutes to be seen.

    The Dr explained everything each step of the way very thoroughly. She had an incredible amount of patience when evaluating my 16 month old daughter.

    Morgan Hager Avatar
    Morgan Hager
  • Before making my rating let me identify myself as a retired audiologist. I always told my patients that the hearing instrument brand was not the critical factor in success with amplification. Major manufacturers all put out quality products. Success is dependent upon the individual providing the service. That excellent professional service is what I received during my recent visit at Coastal Hearing Center.

    Gordon Stanfield Avatar
    Gordon Stanfield
  • I saw Dr Slater for my hearing… I had never met her before or been to the office… She was so friendly and helpful and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed for my tests… I would highly recommend her and their office, the staff was so friendly and helpful … give them a call

    Lora Ost Avatar
    Lora Ost
  • Very happy that this center was able to help us find some economical hearing aids for my stepfather. He hears much better and we fully understand how to use them and operate them. We will be using them in the future for any needs or adjustments. They did a great thorough job and the staff is really friendly.

    Lemur Gaming YT Avatar
    Lemur Gaming YT
  • I have used the Coastal Hearing Center for over five years for my hearing problems. When our son, Clyde, started having hearing problems, I highly recommend that he get an appointment with Dr. Slater. He was very pleased with the way he was treated and the effort Dr. Slater and her staff put forth to help him hear properly. Dr Slater and her staff are highly skilled audiologists and are so very nice. Dr Stater takes the time to explain your hearing issues and discusses the options for hearing aids. She will discuss all the devices she has and tell you what she thinks is best for your particular hearing deficiency. She points out the options of each device and does not push the most expensive hearing aids, she lets YOU decide which hearing aid you want. My wife had the misfortune of using another Audiologist in the area that was associated with an ENT doctor she saw. She was not happy with the service, fit and the setup of her hearing aids. She was about to give up on getting her hearing aids adjusted correctly. I told her she really needed to see Dr. Slater, and that I knew Dr. Slater could correct the problems she was having. Even though my wife did not purchase the hearing aids from Dr. Slater, Dr, Slater took her as a patient and gave her a warm welcome. Dr. Slater corrected the programming and fit problems my wife was having. Dr Slater spent considerable time with her explaining how to use them and the hearing aid App that is loaded on her smartphone to make adjustments to the hearing Aids. We highly recommend the Coastal Hearing Center.

    Michael Ebl Avatar
    Michael Ebl