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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation and Hearing Aid Services in Biloxi and Gulfport.

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Discover Personal Solutions to Hearing Loss

The audiologists at Coastal Hearing Center perform hearing tests for any patients who want to know the extent of their hearing loss. They can evaluate newborns, children, teens and adults.

Coastal Hearing Center is locally run with three audiologists serving patients in the Gulf Coast area

Learn How Hearing Loss Affects You

A comprehensive hearing exam at our clinic involves the following steps:

1 - Pure tone testing, which tells our doctors how much hearing loss you have and what kind affects you
2 - Speech audiometry, which determines how well you hear and comprehend typical speech

3 - Middle ear assessment, which diagnoses middle ear conditions

4 - Otoacoustic emissions, which is a test of inner ear nerve functionality

Each of these steps helps our audiologists get a full picture of how your ears work and which hearing aids will suit you best.

Hearing Aid Services and Support

· Select the appropriate hearing aids for your individual hearing loss.
· Fitting the hearing aid and providing support for new and experienced users.
· Cleaning and Routine hearing aid adjustments for every patient’s individual’s needs.
· Hearing Aid Warranties included with all purchases
· Hearing aid repairs done in house or through one of our trusted manufactures.

Widex   ReSound   Unitron   Starkey   Oticon   Phonak 

We offer a wide variety of Bluetooth compatible accessories for many different hearing aid manufactures.

· Volume control from your cell phone.
· Streaming music through your hearing aids.
· Misplace you hearing aid? Your cell phone can help you locate it!
· Make one on one conversations much easier!
· High quality sound from your TV

hearing device sound

We offer Westone custom ear protection and swim molds

· Hunting and Outdoor amplifications
· Shooting
· Musicians
· Motorcycles
· Swimming
· Construction

shooting sports ear protection active hearing aids child swimming

Manage and Treat Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common hearing impairment. People who suffer from tinnitus perceive sounds that don’t exist. These may include a persistent ringing, clicking, whistling or hissing in the ears. Our doctors can diagnose you with tinnitus and pinpoint which factors may be contributing to the condition. While there is no cure for tinnitus, we can recommend treatment options that minimize symptoms. These options include white noise machines, hearing instruments that relieve tinnitus noises and tinnitus retraining therapy.

Protect Your Hearing

If you want to protect your hearing, talk to our audiologists about custom-fit ear plugs and other protective devices. We frequently provide hearing protection for people who work in loud environments such as construction sites or airplanes. We can also create ear pieces for avid musicians and custom ear pieces that keep water out of the ear for people who participate in water sports.

Find Your Ideal
Hearing Aid

Hearing aids come in many types, and some are nearly invisible. Our audiologists will meet with you to discuss your lifestyle hearing needs. We will then match you with a device that provides clear and reliable sound amplification for your everyday life.

Get Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

Your hearing aid may need intermittent replacement of basic parts such as the battery. We can supply you with everything you need to keep your hearing aid working.

Choose Coastal Hearing Center

Trust the hearing experts at our clinic to amplify and preserve your hearing. Make an appointment at our Biloxi office today.